Wood WOrk

Frank and I have been woodworking over the last few months with Jatoba wood…

Jatoba (Hymenaea courbaril) grows to an average height of 120 feet with diameters of 2-4 feet. Jatoba is often referred to as Brazilian cherry although it is not a cherry wood, and has been called Locust or Courbaril in different areas of South America. It grows in most of the South American islands as well as Mexico, Brazil and Peru.

It’s truly a beautiful wood. I’ve never really observed the grains, the different colors/shades of wood until working with Frank. He really loves it and it is such a pleasure to work with someone, whom has so much passion for wood πŸ™‚ It’s really nice how precise and structured Frank is, he is an artist though he would never admit that.

On a side note…

When I go over to Frank’s house, I help him out with the projects he works on: remodeling his house. I help him assembling his fence and now he is doing work on the roof. Although I don’t do much, it’s so cool to be around it, catching on…little by little.

  1. Am I allowed to get excited yet???

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