Background Info

I grew up in a loving and nurturing home in The Woodlands, Texas, where her talent and creativity were encouraged at a young age.  A priority and fascination with color is the manifestation of the different emotions that triggers my process.  I plays with a wide variety of interchangeable and infinite color combinations.  A large amount of my time is spent contemplating and experimenting with hues, shades, tones, and tints in both the subconscious and conscious realms, incorporating material from my dreams, thoughts, and daily interactions. While in these spaces, I try my best to recognize being fully present in the moment.  Throughout the years, I have continued my education, focusing on my passions – art and yoga.  I also loves surfing, traveling, hiking, and being immersed in nature. I am currently finishing my degree at Cal State San Marcos in Visual Arts.

Last May (four months ago), I started working on a BIGGER project. A project that would expand my knowledge and experimentation. I started to cultivate new and exciting ideas. I made sketches and talked about the project with my friends, family, and other artist. Little did I know, how big I was going. Every step of the process, I have learned how to work with new materials and other artist. After finding complications of this project, I’ve had to reroute. These friends with patience, creativity, and flexibility are unaware of what they do is a true art and boils down to a science. It is with their help, I am able to proceed and build  reliable partnerships, friendships, and  forming a community as a result.

In Gratitude and with Love…Deborah Small, Dave Essa, Trevor Hawkins, Tony Richards, Frank and Robin, Judith Hersko, Ding King, and Trista T.

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